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In 2014, Bitspark was the first to send a Bitcoin cash transfer between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Since then, Bitspark has pushed the use of cryptocurrencies forward by building market-ready products and services from cash to cryptocurrencies that make it easy to buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrencies with cash.

This is how Bitspark makes cryptocurrencies simple, accessible and part of everyday life.

Multibalanced wallet. Store 12+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in your Bitspark app. Trade between your cryptocurrency and stablecoin balances.


AAX was founded in early 2018, just after Bitcoin had reached its all-time high. As the cryptocurrency winter began, the cryptocurrency discourse became more mature. AAX was created in anticipation of a maturing market in which retail and institutional traders would be able to gain exposure to digital assets.


Hong Kong

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