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Immerse yourself with Spaziocrypto in the concept of Web3, a revolution in the digital evolution of cryptocurrencies. You will understand how Web3 is shaping the next phase of the Internet, characterised by decentralisation and P2P interaction. From advanced blockchain protocols to decentralised services such as smart contracts and brokerless applications, Web3 is redefining our online experience.

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The Role of Oracles in the Blockchain

Blockchain, since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, has revolutionised the way we conceive and manage digital transactions. This technology, based on an immutable distributed ledger, has introduced a new security paradigm, eliminating the need for central intermediaries. However, although blockchain can handle financial transactions securely, its connection to the

The Scalability Trilemma

Blockchain networks have revolutionised the way we conceive and manage digital transactions, but they face a fundamental challenge: the Scalability Trilemma. This concept, first introduced by Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, focuses on the need to balance three key elements: decentralisation, security and scalability. The Fascination-of-Decentralisation Decentralisation represents the

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is an innovative technology that is revolutionising many industries around the world. To fully understand its applications, it is essential to start with a solid understanding of its foundations. The Potentials of the Blockchain The blockchain is a distributed digital ledger, a kind of public ledger that records transactions