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By Mattia Mezzetti profile image Mattia Mezzetti
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Cryptocurrency And Youth Tourism: Utravel Pays For Travel In Tokens

Youth tourism is a growing sector. To make it even more popular, the operator Utravel has chosen to allow payment in cryptocurrencies.

One of the most growing market segments is certainly youth tourism. In the post-pandemic phase we are currently experiencing, the tourism sub-sector is back on a fast track and has given many of the under-35s, who during the lockdown felt like recluses, the opportunity to start travelling again. By 2023, the estimated global value of this sub-sector was more than $340 billion.

The reliable World Tourism Organisation certifies that under-35 travellers account for 20% of all international tourists and attests that their spending is continuously increasing, by about 5% each year. A number of operators close to the world of cryptocurrencies have thus decided to seize the opportunity and, as of June, will enable anyone who wishes to do so to book travel and holidays by paying them in tokens.

An Innovative Alliance in the Name of Cryptocurrencies

The idea of Utravel, a travel startup dedicated to young people who have not yet turned 30, and the Italian cryptocurrency exchange Coinbar, starts from this data and the reasoning that sees many crypto enthusiasts falling into this age group. For this reason, the two companies decided to join forces in order to intercept young travellers. How? Firstly by offering the under-30s to pay for all bookings made on the site in crypto, but further partnerships are not excluded in the near future.

The alliance between these two companies is only a first step, but it bodes well. At Spaziocrypto we have long been calling for the opening of new frontiers for payment in tokens, and we can only appreciate the stunt of a tour operator such as Utravel, which is increasingly relevant and has already conquered a discrete niche in the public, to allow payment in these currencies as well.

Offers and Promotions dedicated to those who choose payment in cryptocurrencies

The payments in cryptocurrencies on the site will be made available from June. At the moment, the company is still waiting for the implementation of the Coinbar system that will allow it to add tokens to its credit redemption forms. Thanks to the know-how of the exchange, it will be easier for the tour operator to support customers who wish to book in BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

The services that Utravel will offer to those who choose the token will be as follows:

  • researching and booking travel directly on its platform, using CoinbarPay as a payment method and spending Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly;
  • managing booking and payment in an agile way, directly on the tour operator's website thanks to the implementation of Coinbar;
  • access to exclusive promotions and benefits reserved
  • for those who will choose to book by paying their due in cryptocurrencies.

As can be deduced from this mirror, therefore, Utravel is planning to implement a real marketing campaign to bring in young travel enthusiasts who like to pay using cryptocurrency.

A Partnership aiming to old the same concept of travel

According to Coinbar CEO, Antonello Cugusi, this strategic alliance has the potential to offer Utravel customers a new travel experience.

"The goal of this partnership is to revolutionise the way young people travel. We want to break down financial barriers and open up new possibilities for a generation of digital explorers."

Gianluca Di Donato, founder and CEO of Utravel, considers technology an important ally in the day-to-day life of a tour operator. Especially that of a service like his, which operates almost exclusively on the Internet:

"We have always defined ourselves as a Travel Tech Company. The collaboration with Coinbar allows us to put the customer at the centre, giving Millennials and Gen Z the chance to enjoy a 100% smart shopping experience."

Utravel thus shows a pioneering approach and seems to have understood how new decentralised payment technologies could represent the future in economic transactions. Roughly speaking, we could say that in the near future companies allowing payment in alternative currencies will multiply. It is no coincidence that the job market is increasingly looking to recruit personnel with specific skills in blockchain technology.

By Mattia Mezzetti profile image Mattia Mezzetti
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