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Bityard is one of the leading exchanges for cryptocurrency contracts.

Situated in Singapore, Bityard offers safe, easy and fast cryptocurrency trading services in over 150 countries.

Users can open a trade from a minimum of USDT5 (up to a maximum of USDT20,000)
The trading commission has been adjusted from 0.075% to 0.05%, Bityard will pre-deduct the opening and closing commission [0.05%] upon opening a position and will not be charged upon closing a position.

Trade anywhere from 10x to 100x. Trading on margin involves more risk but also higher gains. Bityard uses a K-line weighted average that extracts data from 3 major cryptocurrency exchanges which are Binance(30%) and OKEx(40%) and Huobi(30%) to display the most fair and accurate cryptocurrency prices. Or

get BYD through registration and trading, you can deduct trading commissions or get excess revenue from the listing.


60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051

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