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Swapzone finds, aggregates and indicates the most relevant exchange transactions on the cryptocurrency market.

Swapzone acts as a gateway between the cryptocurrency community and exchange services. Our goal is to provide a convenient interface, secure user flow, and crystal-clear data.

According to our vision of the blockchain space, by reshaping cryptocurrency exchange strategies into a data-driven and adaptive approach, both individuals and communities can have the potential to produce savings, profits and opportunities.

The community deserves a progressive, transparent and practical exchange service with a deep aggregation interface that combines multiple sources and ensures convenience, validity, privacy and common user flow for each individual exchange.

Swapzone must provide users with a choice. Change is the essential process of all existence, so we are constantly expanding the range of supported exchange services and currencies. Of course, we are always open to future additions of services if partners share our values.


111 Dimitri Uznadze St, T'bilisi, Georgia

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