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Cryptocurrency Sector No Longer Early Adopters, It's the Turn of the Early Majority - Spaziocrypto
By Mattia Mezzetti profile image Mattia Mezzetti
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Cryptocurrencies: From Early Adopters to Early Majority

Richard Teng, CEO of Binance, is optimistic about the present and future of the cryptocurrency industry.

In an interview with a number of online publications specialising in the field of DeFi, or decentralised finance, the current CEO of Binance, Richard Teng (who succeeded Changpeng Zhao following the judicial affairs that we have also told you about here on SpazioCrypto) expressed an interesting view on the current state of the entire cryptocurrency sector.

A New Phase for the Cryptocurrency Sector

According to the luminary, the entire cryptocurrency industry has already undergone a first phase of market advancement. According to Teng and his analysts, the cryptocurrency industry has already reached the stage of the early majority, having left behind the early adopters.

Before going any further, let's try to explain what we are talking about. The two English terms are part of the jargon of market analysts. When a new product is introduced, it inevitably goes through certain stages during its life cycle. First it makes itself known and acquires a few initial customers, these are the so-called early adopters, those who choose it right from the start. Thanks to their work and joint marketing efforts, then, the product itself ages, so to speak, and its market matures to the early majority stage. At this stage, the users are numerous and the product, although still new, is already well known as it has greatly expanded the niche of potential buyers.

Binance and its Great Success

The interview with Teng was set to celebrate the disruptive success of Binance, the world's first and leading cryptocurrency exchange, which recently crossed the threshold - psychological but not only - of the 200 million registered users. Of course, there are no other exchanges that can boast such a number of associated profiles, making Binance one of the most trusted in the cryptocurrency industry.

"We are deeply honoured and proud to have welcomed 200 million registered users. This achievement is a testament to the trust that the crypto community and industry players continue to have in the Binance ecosystem."

The CEO stated before attributing some of this success to the development of the entire industry as well:

"This achievement is not only a triumph for Binance. It is also a sign of maturity and robust growth for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. More and more people, globally, are approaching cryptocurrencies and their limitless possibilities."

The Future of Binance and that of the Cryptocurrency Sector

As far as Binance is concerned, the exchange is unlikely to rest on its laurels, as they say. The company's stated goal, in fact, is very ambitious. They are aiming for a billion registered users, not 200 million. The road to the goal is still a long one and the destination may even prove to be unreachable. Teng does not see nine zeros as unreachable because he is convinced, and Binance's management staff agrees with him, that the cryptocurrency sector has substantial room for growth.

To reach the billion mark, his prediction will have to prove correct. On the first order of business is the increasing number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For the target to be achieved, it will be imperative to double the number of current token holders worldwide. To achieve this will require more currencies to join the exchange (and several seem determined to do so) and policy to adopt a clear regulatory framework. This does not mean that measures to facilitate crypto transactions will have to be enacted, but their circulation will have to be properly regulated.

By Mattia Mezzetti profile image Mattia Mezzetti
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