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By Luna Saracino profile image Luna Saracino
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Cryptocurrency mining in Italy thanks to BHP tokens

Mining cryptocurrencies in Italy is expensive, also from an energy point of view, but BHP tokens could be the solution.

The year 2024 began with an important realisation: Italian cryptocurrency investors are more than we think. About 3% of the population, to be precise. Almost half of those who invest are very young: Gen Z, in fact, are the biggest investors in Italy, and the number is destined to grow, if we think that the percentage has already increased since 2023.

Cryptocurrencies in Italy: the state of the art

Let's start from an important premise: in Italy there is still too little talk about cryptocurrencies, the portion of interested, enthusiasts and real investors is much more like a narrow niche than a relevant percentage. However, present and upcoming regulations are inevitably adapting to this trend. As of June, in fact, our tax returns will also change to include the possibility of declaring virtual currencies such as Bitcoins.

How much does it cost to mine cryptocurrencies?

Mining Bitcoins in Italy, however, is still an evolving practice, for several reasons. First of all, the mining is an expensive process, which requires a considerable amount of energy, both for the collection of the coins and for their subsequent securing. Moreover, until now the regulations have always been rather complex to implement. Who knows whether with the new tax returns in place as of June things might not actually change for the better.

Mining is expensive, we said, because it requires a lot of electricity in order to guarantee a closed and secure system for all transactions. Electricity is not only problematic from an environmental point of view, in some cases, but also proves inconvenient from an economic point of view. Considering, in fact, the significant costs of electricity in Italy, it is evident that very few people wish to invest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general in the Belpaese. Thanks, however, to alternatives such as the token BHP we can try to solve this problem.

Alternatives to mining: BHP tokens

Why might the BHP token for the Italian market be a good solution? Because they enable mining activities without the need for either infrastructure or complicated computer skills.

In contrast to other tokens already on the market, BHP tokens contain within them computing power useful for mining (one terahash per BHP token). The miners from which they draw 'energy' come from mining farms around the world, probably in places where electricity is cheaper and even environmentally friendly. In this way, therefore, we can buy and mine cryptocurrencies without investing in infrastructure, but simply exploiting the infrastructure of others.

Buy tokens in Italy with Cryptosmart

It is also possible to buy BHP tokens from Italy, through the Italian exchange Cryptosmart: just go to the website, click on "register" in the top right-hand corner, then access the Launchpad section, which is dedicated precisely to BHP tokens. Thanks to BHP tokens, no special computer skills or the obligatory purchase of expensive and energy-intensive hardware will be needed. On the contrary, we will take advantage of pre-existing mining that we can hook into in order to be able to generate currency 'remotely'.

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By Luna Saracino profile image Luna Saracino
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