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Alejandro Regojo

Alejandro Regojo (Reg0x) is a young entrepreneur, who has been developing services and products around Ethereum since 2016.

After co-creating the well-known Bitcoin Gold (BTG) in 2017, he has been involved in open source initiatives such as BTCpay and other ideas focused on creating a milestone in local Bitcoin adoption.

Particularly interested in Blockchain protocols to help eliminate middlemen in developing countries as a stepping stone to resolving the various conflicts occurring there.

Today he is the founder of Solidity Jobs, an Andorran Blockchain consultancy behind the development of the S-Token, a digital asset protocol for security tokens.

Reg0x is also featured on Apple TV+ and Google Play as an actor in Crossing the Yellow Blocks, an international docuseries about Blockchain technology.

Current work

  • Bitcoin Gold, co-creator

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