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In September Milan Becomes ETHMilan! - Spaziocrypto
By Mattia Mezzetti profile image Mattia Mezzetti
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In September Milan Becomes ETHMilan! Discover The Event

The ETHMilan event will be staged in Milan in September. Let's find out what it is and why it is important.

The appointment is for 26 and 27 September. The city of Milan will become, for two days, the Italian - if not European - capital of cryptocurrencies. The event is called ETHMilan and the word derives naturally from the crasis between the English word for Milan (Milan) and the acronym for Ethereum. The importance of the event could be epochal for our country, since the initiative has all the credentials to mark a turning point in the national Web3 and crypto landscape.

ETHMilan, the Unmissable Event for Every Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

ETHMilan is an absolutely innovative and truly ambitious event. It aims to be a not-to-be-missed initiative for anyone who is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and wishes to network with the Italian community, as well as to deepen their knowledge on the subject. The setting of ETHMilan will be the Franco Parenti Theatre and, there, it is intended to catalyse the attention, interest and, of course, participation of both experts in the field and newcomers, so to speak, eager to explore and learn about the latest frontiers of blockchain technology and of decentralised finance.

ETHMilan 2024 Official Trailer

Our country is by no means as backward as some might think in this field. Although Italy is not as naturally fertile as the United States or Asia, we are nevertheless one of the nations that looks at DeFi with the greatest interest and boast a good number of cryptocurrency investors out of the proportion of resident citizens. The figure is steadily increasing. The innovation of blockchain and the crypto sector are of great interest to our countrymen, but we still need to raise our skills. ETHMilan was born precisely with this goal and this ambition: let's build an Italian community related to Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general, let's get to know each other and embrace the extraordinary potential of Web3, just like it is being done all over the world.

Let's talk about Ethereum, in Italian

The focus of ETHMilan will, of course, be on Ethereum and its ecosystem. During the two-day event, the topic will be approached from various angles and the present and future of ETH will be discussed. Experts, professionals and ordinary cryptocurrency enthusiasts will bring their expertise and delve into the latest trends, innovations and developments in Ethereum and its blockchain. Attendees can expect a long series of interesting talks, networking opportunities and dedicated interactive sessions.

The 2024 edition will be the second edition of ETHMilan, an event that was launched last year and held for the first time on 5 and 6 October 2023. The international conference will feature the brightest minds in the fields of blockchain, Web3 and decentralised finance. Once again this year, the focus of the event will be on hacking and networking in the Ethereum environment.

The Confirmed Speakers for ETHMilan

As is well known, the quality of an event is directly proportional to the quality of the people who realise it and are part of it. From this point of view, the level of ETHMilan is very high indeed. Just scroll through the list of names of speakers who have already accredited to speak. At the time of writing this article, more than 20 industry insiders have already confirmed their attendance.

Between them we highlight, without wishing to do anyone any harm, names such as Marco Castignoli, full stack developer at the Ethereum Foundation; Maria Magenes, co-founder of SpaghettETH, the Italian community of Ethereum builders; Markus Franke, CEO of Mento Labs Berlin; Max Lomuscio, ecosystem lead for layer 2 Everclear; Oxytocyn, community lead for the decentralised finance aggregator Paraswap; Aliya Das Gupta, vice-president of the Sygnum bank, specialising in cryptocurrency investments; Britalian, marketing strategist for the CGV cryptocurrency at Cogito Finance; and numerous other speakers that can be consulted on the page dedicated to the speakers of the ETHMilan website.

ETHMilan 2024 - Speakers
Italy's largest ETH & Web3 Conference. 26/27 September 2024, Milan, Italy.

Create, Inspire and Test Yourself

The ETHMilan programme, which has yet to be announced, will inevitably have a particularly technical connotation. It is an event conceived by Web3 enthusiasts and professionals and designed to provide answers to the questions they themselves ask, so it is natural that the level of speakers will be particularly high. Those who are only now approaching cryptocurrencies and everything that revolves around this sector might find themselves disoriented. This does not mean that the event is off limits for these people. Far from it. The aim of ETHMilan is, in fact, also to expand the Italian community of enthusiasts in this field, attracting new people. Therefore, corners will be created especially for beginners and there will be seminars dedicated to those who have yet to learn the ABCs of Web3.

Two Tracks and one Friendly Competition

In order not to get lost inside the Teatro Parenti, two parallel tracks will be created. The first will be called Create and will be more strictly dedicated to technical know-how. The seminars belonging to this track will be held by professionals and experts and will deal with smart contracts, DeFi and ETH infrastructure research and development. They will be mainly aimed at developers but, of course, also open to enthusiasts.

The Inspire track, on the other hand, will focus more on theory than practice, so to speak, and will deal with approaches to blockchain in art, design and storytelling. The perspective will be very different and more accessible. Workshops and seminars on this track will deal with less technical topics: here, creativity will take centre stage. This track is openly dedicated to artists, creatives and simple Web3 enthusiasts, therefore more within everyone's reach.

A Hackathon, or hacker marathon, will also be held in the ETHMilan spaces. Participants will be able to showcase their skills and technical abilities in the blockchain space, taking advantage of the initiative's stage to make everyone aware of their ideas, aimed at improving and advancing the Ethereum virtual environment. Among the participants in Hackathon 2024 could be the next great demiurge of Ethereum's future. This will be a perhaps unrepeatable opportunity to observe and touch the intersection of technology and creativity, vision and technical skill.

Each of the three spaces at ETHMilan is unique, but all deal with the same topic: Ethereum and its blockchain. It will therefore be possible to focus on one track and experience a full full immersion or to examine all the various facets presented, going home with a more general overview. It's up to the participant to choose.

Ticket and Miscellaneous Information

The cost of a ticket to ETHMilan will start from 29 euros. Reductions will be available and anyone wishing to go both Thursday 26 September and Friday 27 will be able to purchase a season ticket, thus saving on the 2 full admissions.

The event promises to be of major importance and is an ideal continuation of the other major industry initiative scheduled for September: NapulETH, which will be held in Naples a couple of weeks earlier. Currently, you can take advantage of the early bird promotions, which will remain valid throughout the month of June and will allow you to save a little on admission to ETHMilan. By purchasing your ticket online you can enter the coupon code SPAZIOCRYPTO during the final stages of the transaction and thus obtain a reduction on the ticket price.

ETHMilan 2024 - Buy Tickets
Italy's largest ETH & Web3 Conference. 26/27 September 2024, Milan, Italy.

SpazioCrypto deeply believes in the importance and usefulness of events of this kind, useful for networking, deepening one's knowledge, training and, perhaps above all, shaking hands with the people involved: enthusiasts, enthusiasts, insiders or even simply curious people who wish to understand more about the world of Web3 and cryptocurrencies.

In a mainly digital world such as the one we live in, and on which the entire sector we are passionately involved in is based, it is essential to be able to put a face to the people we read and follow on social networks and have a chat with them, freeing ourselves from computer and mobile phone screens, which have the merit of connecting us with the world, but inevitably also represent barriers.

We expect the ETH Milan experience to be something memorable, perhaps even unforgettable, and we hope to see you there at the end of September. If you will be there, drop by and visit us: alongside other authoritative publications, SpazioCrypto will be the official media partner of the Milan event!

By Mattia Mezzetti profile image Mattia Mezzetti
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